Court Nederveld spent many years maintaining and servicing desktop computers, computer servers, switches and routers. Prior to that, he taught 1000’s of employees how to use a new business applicaton for a major corporation. Concurrently he taught the use of Word, Excel, Outlook and many other general use programs.

After retirement in 2003, he and his lovely bride of over thirty years did a bit of traveling. (Did I say bit?) They traveled 14000 miles around the United States in a 1966 Mustang convertible, spending two months on the road. Court was asked by the Punta Gorda Herald to document his travels in a weekly "From the Road" column which turned out to be extremely popular with readers. Upon their return to Punta Gorda, Court was asked to write a weekly computer column in the same style as the "From the Road" series.

Now Court Nederveld is a popular celebrity columnist. His column runs weekly on this site and is read by over forty thousand readers. He is invited to speak to clubs and organizations. His in depth and humorous insight on dealing with that ubiquitous metal box, have brought accolades from readers and editors alike.

You can email Court with questions and may see the answers in upcoming columns.

What are readers saying about Court's Bits and Bytes column?
11/18/08 I couldn't wait a week to tell you how much I enjoyed your column today.  You'd told me about this connection a couple of weeks ago but the real kick for me came when you said, "written by someone in India who learned all their English skills on a three day visit to Pakistan."  I burst out laughing...thanks for my first guffaw of the day!  jane
11/20/08 Hi Court: Just wanted to thank you for getting both my computers up and running. Your solution for the laptop with the security program fixed it on the 2nd try. I consider you my personal welcome to Punta Gorda. If I meet anyone who needs computer assistance, besides me, you will be the only choice. Thanks again. John
Mr. Nederveld:
11/21/08 I really enjoyed your article "Here's a PC solution to all those TV commercials" and I am excited to try your suggestion as I am already a Netflix subscriber.  I know you didn't want to recommend the unit you purchased but wondered if you would please make one exception and let me know the unit and perhaps where I could buy it at?
Looking forward to your next article!  Take care and thank you.

Gordon Bower, Editor of The Punta Gorda Herald

1/13/05 Court--great column. My executive editor loved it. It's running in Wenesday's Herald. For your mug shot, I'm using the Van Gogh photo unless you want something more serious (that might ruin your image). I could use the one in the sombrero as well.
I'm going to see if I can get the column in the PC Herald also.

1/20/05Court--I got several positive comments from readers I checked with last night, plus the people in the editorial dept. liked it. Consequently, it is also going to run in the Port Charlotte Herald also. Total circulation about 25,000. You're on a roll. Don't get so busy you don't have time tor keep writing,

1/27/05 Excellent column. Heard any comments?

2/1/05 You're spoiling me delivering a column on Wednesday.

3/9/05 good column.
I'm going to use it to show my financial columnist how to localize a topic.

5/10/05 excellent column

Dave Newell 1/23/05

Court,  I read your article in the Punta Gorda Herald Wednesday and I'm glad to see a column on computers this area can use some technical chat if you can get people to read the news paper.

Gene Laboy author: Bipolar Expedition 2/3/05

Using W98, I ran SETI for several years.  Didn't meet any ETs but do now have a permanent mark in my CRT phosphor from SETI's outline box.  I don't know much about extra-terrestrial intelligence; but that SETI display doesn't bespeak of much terrestrial intelligence !
My girlfriend, Lori, sends her compliments on your series of articles on the Mustang tours.

Gene Laboy author: Bipolar Expedition 2/23/05

Your SpyBot article was great.  Interestingly enough, you write in a manner very similar to that in which you speak (at least in Sci Fi class).

Gene Laboy author: Bipolar Expedition 3/27/05

I went to and I sure couldn't find any way of translating computereeeeseee into the Englishcht language.  Or vice versa.
Is Our kroniekschrijver untangles Tower of Babel, PGH, pg. 13, Wednesday, March 16, 2005 a true fact (as they say in Philadelphia)?

Gene Laboy author: Bipolar Expedition 4/6/05

Before I launch into the main theme of my diatribe; a question: You wrote (The Sun,Wednesday March 30, 2005, Herald PGH, Page 6) - " I have my internet homepage set up to collect news articles about topics that intrigue me."  Assuming this is not an April Foolish statement, how do you do it? 

2/17/05 Winston Rigg

Thanks for the info in your article in yesterday's Punta Gorda Herald. I now have my computer synched up with the official time. I sent the link to a bunch of my friends too.

Today's was another great article.  Are your articles posted on the web?


Keep up the good works and have a great day!


Greetings! Thanks for opening up the door to some topics.  For starters can you do something on VoIP and something on Wi-fi  security.  My neighbor tells me she can pick up my network from her office which is about 400 feet away.

Better yet, could you come talk to our club sometime in the future about these and other topics?  We would be honored if you could make it.


You just saved me a bundle. Barb's laptop battery could not be charged because there is a problem with the AC plug. Luckily we had  extended the warranty as you had suggested when you came to the computer club. Thanks. I owe you one.

Eli Brubaker 5/04/05

I read your articles in the Punta Gorda Herald but have been away for the past month so today's was the first article I've read recently. 

Thank you and I do enjoy your articles.

Shirley Weersing 4/14/05

This is my second email to you.  The first I wrote after your column appeared anew in the Sun Herald, my first experience reading and appreciating.         This week's column and Web site interested me

Shirley Weersing 4/20/05

Court, I read you interesting column today and am reminded that when I leave for Holland Sunday I shall miss the Q&A column you are working on for the Sun Herald in a few weeks.

Mary Kkeiss 4/20/05

HI:  Been meaning to write and let you know how much I enjoy you informative articles.  Regarding the article re if we should keep the computor on or off when not in use: my daughter and her husband who have twenty seven years between them in the Air Force with Intel state that it's harder on the computor and shortens its life if turned on and off so, if nothing else, at least leave the monitor on if you have a screen saver.  I turn mine off because I don't like the hum.  And on your article of today on booze:  a lot of those bottles can be used in cooking. Vodka, wine, scotch, vermouth: I have cooked with them all at one time or another so as not to waste. 

Doug Young 5/4/05

Keep those great articles coming.  

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for sharing the Belarc Advisor program. Great little system. Not only is the 'inventory' data printed invaluable for use if one has a problem in the future but it also great to use for fine tuning today. Software sure can accumulate on ones system.
Thanks again

Oscar Dooer 5/11/05

I really enjoyed the Exorcist piece in the PG Herald this morning.  Funny!!  And interesting!!

Muriel Marshall 5/28/05

Read your column with awe.  I'm lucky to connect and get off this monster but I did put it back together after Charley.

Roger Brende 6/1/05

That was very interesting. How did you find that CD? What words did you type to search for it? I too would like to get that CD.

Dwight Fast 6/29/05

By the way great piece in todays paper. You are the only man I know who is educated enough to use the word plethora.


By the way read you news article this morning. I wonder who your customer might be thats calling their family in Russia!By the way I don't know if it's a mistake & I don't mind if it is. But so far to date I've not been charged for a single minute for my calls to Marina.So for my 2 phone lines per month my total cost is $57 & change per month. 


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know. That you are doing a great job in your column each week.I have picked up some good info & a couple of good laughs.  

Bob Bengstum 7/07/05

Court -- Thanks for the interesting columns.

Joyce Shenck author 8/03/05

Hi, Court,
    Thanks so much for your house call to cure my poor Dellbert of all his ills. He's working MUCH faster this afternoon.
    That collection of viruses he had sure slowed him down.
    Read your column. NEAT idea to have folks pass along your website and let you and your editor know there are people out there reading. Great move. I'm going to join in your "expontentialism" experiment with my own visit.
    Thanks again, my friend. See you one of these days at the Center for Writers.

    Love, Joyce   

Ed Tezekjian 8/3/05

Dear Court:

I enjoy your columns in the Sun.
1. Can you offer help re saving OE, e-mail messages to a CD other than "exporting" the whole OE messages?  Also, when I save OE messages and want to update the CD(R/W), does it duplicate what was already on the CD.  I transfer my address book and OE messages to my laptop when I am going on a trip but it happens that the transfer always duplicates the messages and address book info on the laptop (or visa-versa).
2. I am being inundated with unsolicited e-mails for medicines, Rolex watches, etc. that are being sent always using a different senders name which negates "blocking sender".  Incidentally, I have XP updates on firewall and spyware plus updated Norton System Works. Is there something I can do short of deleting two of my e-mail addresses and using newer ones?

Thanks for the help.

Bill Grant 8/03/05

Read your column today, very interesting. Have you tried Goggle Earth, very cool? That could be in an upcoming column. Keep up the good work.

Ron Freeman 8/04/05

I enjoy reading your article in the Wednesday Sun Herald very much. I consider myself being able to get around the computer better than the average person; mainly before my retired life it was a necessity. However it seems in every one of your articles I find something I did not know so I get on the computer and try it. Most of my computer literate friends also follow your articles.I did not know I could follow the Sun Herald while out of town, thanks I am going on vacation for two weeks I will see what is happening in Punta Gorda and catch your articles.Keep up the good work.

Oh, by the way how old is this Martha you keep talking about I might want to meet her.

Bob Wright 8/5/05

Thanks for including Court Nederveld's colummn in your fine paper.

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